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Peace or Pain Course
I have done several courses with Meera & the most recent was ‘Peace or Pain?’ It was an excellent 6 week online course & Meera is a highly skilled teacher. It was full of useful content – lots of different things to try to help with physical & emotional pain. What was great was that it was all based on Meera’s own experience. She was very supportive, encouraging us to share our own experiences but not pushing those that didn’t feel comfortable speaking.

We also had an online chat group where we could share about what was going on for us. Meera was active on there every day, at all times of the day – she really went above & beyond to be supportive to us. We also had two follow-up sessions after the course had finished. I learnt lots of tips about how pain works, how being present helps, & transcending & changing your relationship with pain. I would thoroughly recommend this course. I have also attended other meditation courses with Meera which were also brilliant. – Lucy G.

All you need to be free

Meera is an incredible teacher, with a solid experience of peace, from which she teaches. The First Sphere and the techniques taught within it, are all you need to learn in order to be free from life’s stresses and the limitations of the mind. It’s powerful stuff and Meera is an amazingly supportive and wise teacher to guide you. – Suzanne D.

One of the best decisions I have ever made
Probably one of the best decisions I have ever made was to attend the First Sphere (ascension meditation) course. It introduced me to
meditation techniques that guide you to experience peace, happiness and the shaking off of any limitations.
No (religious) belief systems are involved and ascension meditation transgresses age, cultural and ethnic variables.
The ascension techniques introduce you to endless calm and promote ones ability to self-heal.
Meera is an outstanding teacher whose understanding disposition, experience of meditation / life and depth of knowledge is inspiring to all who come in contact with her.
Ascension meditation + Meera = life changing opportunity. – Keith C.

Boundless Meditation, a resting place for the soul
I found Meera through her website Boundless Meditation. I was specifically looking for a local teacher of Ascension Meditation.
I completed the “First Sphere” Meditation course and have quickly come to love both Meera and my practice. I started meditation at the beginning of November 19 and to date (342 days later) I have not missed a single day of ascending, my life is calmer and I have more apparent choice in my day to day life. I try to choose the peaceful option where possible. Thank you Meera xx – Robin W.

Marvellous Meditation
I have attended many meditation courses with Meera and they have all been excellent.

Through stress my body was carrying a great deal of pain and meditation has helped me so much that I often have pain free days. I also love the meditation courses because you meet wonderful people.😊 – Yvonne B.

Ascension Meditation
I have known Meera since 2016, when she taught me Ascension Meditation. I have problems with social anxiety. Despite many false starts and me walking out of events, Meera has never lost patience with me and always sees me on a 1 – 1 basis, and is never too busy to help when a problem arises. Social Anxiety leads to stress in the body. Ascension Meditation helps immensely with this, aiding the body to release stress, leaving me feeling light and peaceful. I can’t recommend Meera, her kindness and dedication enough. – Alison G.

A very special and memorable introduction to meditation
I have just started my meditation journey and the teaching and guidance from Meera was a very special and memorable introduction. Meera is continuing to support me and meditation has come at a very important junction in my life following a very stressful phase. I am grateful to Meera and I am already benefiting from the practice of meditation. Clearly this is going to be an important part of my life going forward. Thank you. – Nick B.

A beautiful and easy meditation taught by a lovely human being
If anyone is looking for a really nice and easy meditation method, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the practice of Ascension and Meera as a teacher. I’ve attended a couple of Ascension days with Meera and I intend to attend many more.
When you meet Meera you really get the sense she wants to help you become the best you can be and will do anything to help you get where you want to be. Her teaching style is relaxed, open, honest and flexible and she is always more than happy to explain things in a different way if someone doesn’t understand it (useful in my case!).
If you are looking for more peace, love and freedom from your busy mind contact Meera. –
David S.

Ascension Meditation
I learnt Ascension, which is a wonderful form of meditation and started attending Meera’s weekly groups. Ascension has changed my life and given me the ability to live in the moment. When I practice regularly I don’t suffer from any of the anxious thoughts that use to plague me. It helps me to feel more grounded and at peace with myself.
Meera is a highly experienced Ascension Teacher. She is very positive, enthusiastic, calm and generally just a lovely, kind person.
I would certainly recommend Ascension with Meera. – Catherine W.

Amazing Healer and Meditation Teacher
I have attended Meera’s Ascension weekends, which are life changing and highly recommended. The weekend course is deeply relaxing and very powerful. Try it you will love it… – Lesley B.

A true healer in every sense of the word
When I went to see Meera I was stressed, had digestive problems and was feeling generally very sluggish and negative. Very quickly, that all lifted and I was back to feeling very positive and being able to cope with life again. I also had lower back pain which the drumming in particular really helped me with.
As a medically qualified doctor I’m fully aware of the toxic side effects of a lot of medicines, so I was pleased to receive Meera’s Eastern-based therapy which was effective and side effect free. Meera also teaches me Ascension Meditation, which has completely changed my life. I’d really highly recommend her services and would encourage you to explore Ascension Meditation as an effective method of coping with today’s modern day stresses. – Davinder T.

Ascension Meditation
I have learnt Ascension Meditation through Meera. For me the techniques are simple to use and apply in my everyday life. This type of meditation can be used with my eyes open or closed. I continue to reap benefits from this meditation and I feel freedom and peace.
Meera is an amazing teacher in Ascension meditation.
I see Meera regularly and I highly recommend her services. Thank you Meera. I am very grateful for your compassion and the extra time you offer to support your love of your work. – Louise A.

Review of Ascension Meditation
I have attended the workshops run by Meera since 2013. The techniques she has taught me has changed my life. They can be used daily in any situation to bring about a sense of calm. Meera is an incredible teacher, very passionate about meditation and very in tune to the needs of her students. The ascension techniques taught by Meera help to go past the stress and humdrum of daily life and bring a sense of inner calm and well being. I use the techniques daily and many people I was on the course with do too. – Meena N.

Reduces agitation and produces calm
The most obvious effect for me seems to be that it induces a deep state of relaxation. I attended a meditation weekend with Meera, last spring, and continue to use the techniques she taught me then. I find them helpful in reducing agitation and producing calm. – John F.

Recommendation for Reiki Drumming and Ascension
Just to say a big thank you for the Advanced Ascension Weekend Course I attended with you. You gave incredibly helpful advice that was relevant to me. I could discuss any issues I had within the group without any judgement and you were very supportive. My perspective of life has changed. Overall I had a great time and useful advice to use in my daily life. Your on-going help via email, if I have any ‘stuck issues’ following the course, is also very useful and helped me a lot. I would highly recommend the Ascension Meditation and the Advanced Ascension Meditation weekend course with you. – Shiraz B.