Peace or Pain
Discovering the unbroken you and changing your relationship with pain


Peace or Pain is a book which demonstrates you have a choice and provides insights into how to make the choice for peace.

Peace is a direct living experience which when accessed promotes healing.

Have you been trying to get rid of pain or find peace?

No matter what we do, pain and suffering arise. Peace seems ever elusive. Life can feel hard. It can appear as if there isn’t anyone who understands or cares about us.

Maybe you are wondering if there is more to life than the ongoing battle to survive. Well there is more, much more, available for us beyond the daily grind and seemingly endless suffering.

This book contains the answer.

You can learn how to access and sustain an experience of peace.

Within these pages are examples of the how and why we experience pain and suffering. The more you understand what is happening and why, the easier it is to discover how to make the choice for peace.

This is possible for physical, mental and emotional pain.

This book isn’t just factual, it has clear practical examples based on experience, so you can learn how to make the choice. If you are willing and committed to changing your relationship with pain and finding peace, miracles can and do happen.


Surrender is good for the Soul
The art of surrendering to gain fulfilment in life


This book enables you to master surrender and create the life you always dreamed of.

Surrender is the foundation for a life lived in contentment.

Have you ever thought: I can’t take any more?

No matter what we do, the pressure and overwhelm just seems to continuously increase. Life can get too much at times. There seems no escape from the relentlessness of it all.

Maybe you have a sneaking suspicion that there must be more to life than this. Well you’re right. Much more is available to us than just the day-to-day humdrum and stress most of us experience.

This book contains the antidote.

Within these pages we explore the key factors which have the greatest impact on our experience of life. Half the battle is knowing what will make a difference – what makes life more difficult and what makes life easier.

We will look at what can be done or undone, to harness the mechanism of surrender and create the best life possible. A new perspective will emerge.


Peace or Pain – Book Reviews

This is much much more than ‘an interesting read’
The author deals with raw and intense situations in a brave and honest way.
In times when we all have mental health issues she offers help and hope in how to move forward from the difficulties which face us all.

Excellent read
Very informative & encouraging for those who are suffering & offering techniques as away forward. Touched by the authors humbleness& honesty. Can recommend to anyone who is seeking peace in pain.

Excellent, insightful and informative
This is an excellent book, easy to read with the author sharing many of her own experiences to illustrate her points. It offers profound insights and helpful practical exercises for anyone who wants to be free from their life being dominated by the experience of pain.

Surrender is good for the Soul – Book Reviews

Deeply Life Affirming
Surrender/Letting Go has been a theme accompanying me for a few years. This book has helped me immensely, with the practical steps for making surrender a more continuous, deeply experienced living reality. It is gentle, clear and powerful. This comes from the author’s honest, intelligent reflections on personal experience and her deep, effective meditative practice. This is a book that would benefit anybody.

Surrender is good for the Soul
Meera’s book is an easy read presented in a beautiful format. The quotes before each chapter draw one in … ie.’Self-care is not selfish nor self indulgent. We cannot nurture others from a dry well.’ And there is plenty of help within the book to encourage one to do this. Do buy a copy and enjoy reading it!!!