Hello! I’m Sally Page, aka Meera Ishaya…

Founder of Boundless Meditation
Ishaya Monk and Meditation Teacher
Author of the books ‘Peace or Pain’ and ‘Surrender is good for the Soul’
Mum, sister, wife and lover of art, animals, nature and gardening

“For years extreme pain dominated my life. I even considered ending it. Then I discovered a solution…”

Having suffered from illness and chronic pain for over 30 years, I hit rock bottom and decided to end my life. In choosing to die a miracle occurred and a transcendent experience, the like of which I had never imagined, changed me forever.

I embarked on what seemed like an impossible search for a cure. I read book after book, tried therapy after therapy, attended workshop after workshop. Nothing worked.

Finally, I discovered an ancient teaching of Enlightenment and the key to the end of my suffering appeared.

In 2012 I became an Ishaya Monk and ever since have been teaching people how to experience more peace, happiness and change their relationship with physical, mental and emotional pain.

I am passionate about sharing my discoveries and adventures in the world of pain and mental health. A world that, unfortunately, most people experience at some point in their life.

It’s my desire to add value to your life in any way I can. I love talking about and exploring consciousness and all things spiritual, pain – physical/mental/emotional, mental health and related topics.

As part of the support I offer, I have created courses and workshops for people to learn about meditation, pain management, emotions and other associated topics. On these courses and workshops people learn how to apply the theory and implement it in their everyday lives. There are many exercises and tips that you can put to use immediately.

I use my books as learning tools to support the courses and workshops.

There are a growing list of video shorts and webinars on my YouTube channel – Boundless Meditation.

I’m keen to participate in a variety of podcasts, TV/Radio interviews and enjoy writing articles for a wide range of online and printed publications.

Thanks for reading and I hope to meet you soon!